Be Kind.


In between jobs, I’ve taken months off at a time to dedicate myself to social issues I believe in. Some of these values include accessible education, mental health awareness, supporting youth who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, disaster relief, and more.



Currently, I’m offering free 40 minute sessions to anyone seeking guidance. While most people reach out to me asking about career advice, I’m open to discussing anything — including why sloths are the most majestic creatures on this universe. If you’re interested in a call with me, feel free to book through ADPList.

Karakol Foreign Languages School

Karakol, Krygyzstan

Taught 5 classes Monday through Friday to students of various English levels in Issyk Kul Province while also assisting with diploma papers at Karakol University.

The Hem Sarita Pathak Foundation

Ghumarchowk, Nepal

Initially moving to Nepal to teach English at Ugratara Madhyamik, my role was immediately switched when we were hit by a 7.9M earthquake on 25 April, 2015. I quickly readjusted to relief work, focusing on fundraising, purchasing, and delivering aide to small, rural villages who did not receive aide from rescue teams. We distributed water, food, tents, and temporary toilets while also strategising for long-term relief solutions.

The Live Well Project

California, USA

The Live Well Project is an annual event dedicated to girls between the ages 11-19 who come from backgrounds of homelessness, foster care, abuse, single parent households, and low-income families. In a collaborative team effort, we worked to re-brand the organization’s look and feel, including logo, website, and print collateral.

The Rome Festival Orchestra

Rome, Italy

Illustrated and painted background sets for the 39th annual Rome Festival Orchestra during international studies in Italy. The festival unites worldwide artists to perform symphonic concerts, ballet, opera, and choral works for educational charity dedicated to learning and performing artists of all ages.

Creating little changes for a better world. TT Creating little changes for a better world. TT